Cognitive Therapy for Children & Teens

Child and
                  Teen Study ProgramsWith the right training, a child’s brain can be taught to overcome any learning challenge. At Learning Enhancement Centers, we use a variety of programs to help students become independent learners.

Brain-Training Programs

Processing And Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) is a structured program with sequential activities. Unlike other learning disability programs that focus on behavior management or specific academic skills, PACE improves the brain’s processing ability.

The Listening Program uses music and sound stimulation to re-educate the auditory pathways in order to increased attention, listening, sensory integration, communication, and physical coordination.

Attention Focus Training uses a combination of balance, movement, and reflex integration activities to increase the ability to attend to tasks. Students are taught to take an active role in learning by recognizing when they lose focus and consciously regaining control.

Reading Programs

The LEC Reading Program, developed by our staff and modeled after the process by which spoken language is first learned, addresses the five elements of reading skill: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.

Easing Into Reading helps in the development of sound-to-letter matching, an essential part of phonetic reading development, with a variety of tasks that emphasize the consistent verbalizing of sounds from visual symbols and the written recording of letters from dictated sounds.

Reading and Reasoning, developed by our staff, helps students develop an “inner voice” that directs them in monitoring comprehension.

Visualizing and Verbalizing teaches students to visualize what they read and verbalize what they imagine—thereby helping them to connect with the material they’re reading.

Math Programs

Discover Math, developed by the Reading Foundation, is a multi-sensory approach to learning math. Mental imagery and language are combined to provide an understanding of mathematical concepts.